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Pet Policy

MORE Properties knows pets are members of the family and we warmly welcome approved pets in most of the homes we manage.  The home listing page will state if pets are permitted in the home.  Pets must be approved prior to their occupancy in a home we manage. Please keep in mind that not all of our properties allow pets, some only accept dogs and others accept cats and dogs. Please check with our office or our vacancy list for specific properties.

This policy establishes the rules and conditions under which a pet may be kept at one of our properties and the policy may be changed at anytime and without notice.

The primary purpose of these rules is to establish reasonable requirements for the keeping of common household pets in order to provide a decent, safe and sanitary environment for existing and prospective residents. Violations of this policy shall be considered a violation of a material term of the lease.

Tenant Responsibilities

1. Paying a deposit and repairing any damage the pet may cause.

2. Keep the pet under control at all times.

3. Clean up after the pet inside and outside the premises.

Pet Deposits and Pet Rent

Pet Deposits:

$500 for the first animal and $250 for each additional animal.

The pet deposit is fully refundable at the time of move out as long as there is no pet damage

Pet Rent:

$50 for the first animal and $25 for each additional animal.

The pet rent is a monthly payment that is non-refundable.

Only domesticated, common household pets will be allowed.

Unauthorized Pets will result in a $500 fine, per unauthorized pet.  Pet Sitting is NOT ALLOWED.

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